Inverurie Youth Sports Foundation (IYSF)

These guidelines have been compiled to assist with the application for funding from the Inverurie Youth Sports Foundation (IYSF). The guidelines outline the procedures and criteria for requesting funds, along with further information on the application and assessment process.

The objectives of the IYSF are to provide funding for the further development/support of youth in sports. We have set our geographic boundary, as a starting point with some flexibility, as the Garioch area.

Applications/applicants from outside the Garioch area may be considered. Such applicants should contact prior to making their application to discuss this.

Whilst we are open to considering other suggestions and all awards are made at the discretion of the Trustees, below is a guide of the frameworks within which IYSF would, in principle, be willing to provide support:

(1) IYSF Scholarship Programme

Providing financial support to individual participants in sport to, for example, continue participating in sport, purchase equipment to take their sporting performance to the next stage or to enable them to attend national championships and competitions. Strength and Conditioning costs may be supported but only at the IYSF Strength and Conditioning Zone at Garioch Sports Centre. To be eligible for the scholarship support an applicant must clearly demonstrate why financial support is required at this time. IYSF wishes to make sure it is allocating its resources to support athletes that require financial assistance and for who, without the help of IYSF, it would be difficult to continue their development in their chosen sport.

(2) New Club Programme

Providing financial support to a body looking to set up a new club where there is no existing club providing youth access to the relevant sport in the local area and there is substantial or convincing interest so long as that new club meets basic requirements e.g., open to all and “no barrier” to entry.

(3) Access to All Programmes

IYSF will consider the provision of financial support to clubs or organisations that wish to arrange open days to promote youth participation in sport.

(4) Inspiring Mentor/Coach Programme

IYSF will consider the provision of financial support to clubs or organisations to allow them to: arrange coaching and advice by a well-known and/or high-performance athlete or coach in a given sport; and/or develop their own coaches , including through further training and/or accreditations.

(5) IYSF Club Resource Fund

IYSF welcomes applications from local sports clubs. Eligible sports clubs must: (a) be a not-for-profit organisation; (b) have members who are mostly or exclusively young people; (c) be open to all without discrimination; and (d) be located in or around the Garioch area.

The usual restriction on Olympic or Paralympic recognised sports that IYSF operates does NOT apply to this fund.

Eligibility for Funding

IYSF has outlined clear objectives in relation to the promotion of youth in sport in the Garioch area. Some guidance is provided below in relation to the eligibility for funding:

Guidelines – Eligibility of Funding

  • The support of further development of youth in sports.
  • Teams or Individuals who require further professional Coaching/Development through recognised professional organisations.
  • Clubs and organisations that operate a no barriers policy and affiliated to a registered association of their chosen sport.
  • The sport must be an Olympic/Paralympic or Commonwealth registered sport and a confirmed named sport for a forthcoming games with the exception of Cricket, which is also an eligible sport for funding.
  • To support training, coaching and competing within the Garioch area, including travel expenses to competitions out with the Garioch area.
  • Training equipment to further enhance the development of individuals or teams.
  • “Clubs” and “organisations” must not be run for profit.
  • Funding applications must be made prospectively (i.e., in respect of events in the future) and not made retrospectively (i.e., made after an event).

Prioritisation of Funding

Although consideration will be given to all applications that meet the outline criteria of the IYSF, the foundation will prioritise applications where the need, impact and outcome are clearly defined in the application, along with any further supporting information. The IYSF committee will, in its absolute discretion, decide whether to support any application and the level of funding upon review of the relevant application. All decisions of the IYSF committee are final.

Guidance for the prioritisation of funding is as follows:

Prioritisation of Funding

  • The applicant should clearly define the need, impact and outcome for the team or individual applying for funding.
  • Although it is not a necessity for funding to be granted, IYSF would encourage applicants to explore any opportunity of securing matching or additional funding through associated sports agencies, private donations, governing bodies etc.
  • The financial request should be clearly defined in the application to be considered eligible for the requested level of funding.

Application Process

Applications should be made via the IYSF online application form. You should email any associated information in support of the application to

Assessment Process

The aim of the committee is to review and notify each applicant within a one-month period on the outcome of the application. This may not be possible in all cases.

We would encourage all applicants to ensure their application forms provide clear and detailed information that defines the need, impact and outcome of the request for funding. On occasions we may require face-to-face meetings to discuss the application in more detail. This is particularly the case for applications for large sums or that require long-term support.

For applicants who are successful, the IYSF committee will seek feedback from individuals or clubs as to the impact the funding has provided.

Should the application be unsuccessful, applicants cannot re-apply for the same funding within one year from the date the application is rejected. Applicants can however re-apply with a proposal that differs significantly from the unsuccessful submission.

As this is a charitable organisation, decision of the committee are final and there is no right of appeal for unsuccessful applications.

Additional Considerations

Certification / Liability

In order for IYSF to process applications properly it is important that you ensure the details you have provided are true and correct and not misleading at the time of processing. If details provided in an application are found to have been fraudulent, incorrect or misleading in any material respect, the application will be invalid and you will be liable to return any sums already paid out by IYSF, with any pending offer being automatically withdrawn.

Data Protection

IYSF will use and process information in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998, the Data Protection Act 2018 and any subsequent legislation in the area of data protection (the “Data Protection Legislation”). The information you provide us with may be held on files, both paper and electronic. We will use this information to process applications, investments and payments, to prepare statistics and to monitor and evaluate effectiveness of both individual grants and our investments. By applying for funding you consent to such use and processing of information provided by you.

Legal Capacity

If an individual is under 16, we require a parent or guardian to sign the application form to consent to the disclaimer as to the truthfulness of the information supplied and to the use of the information provided in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation. IYSF does not consider the obtaining of funding from it to be a common kind of “transaction" for an under 16 to enter into under the Age of Legal Capacity (Scotland) Act 1991. “Transaction” includes the giving of any consent having legal effect under section 9(d) of the 1991 Act.

If you have a question or would like more information you can contact our Development Manger – Claire McDonald by emailing

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