Saturday 6 May

IYSF supports Lauren Tough

IYSF are delighted to support Lauren Tough. Lauren is an ice dancer competing at a national and international standard and is working toward qualifying for the British Solo Ice Dance Championships in Sheffield in July.

IYSF's support has recently enabled Lauren to compete in the Bradford Solo Ice Dance Competition and her first ever international solo ice dance competition in Copenhagen.

In Bradford, Lauren skated two pattern dances and one free dance. Lauren placed fourth in the Foxtrot and she placed sixth in the Blues, whilst placing fifth for her Free Dance.

This competition has helped Lauren gain more experience in competing at the level of basic novice at a national level. This was only Lauren's second time competing at basic novice standard, so she was able to watch other competition as well as gaining experience at this standard.

Competing internationally has developed Lauren already, both in terms of the experience of competing at such a high level and watching competitors from other nations. 

In Copenhagen, Lauren entered the basic novice solo dance age requirement event: the same level as Lauren now competes within the UK.

This competiton was run in the same format as the British Solo Dance Championships, in that the scores of all three dances are combined to generate an overall ranked place.

Lauren placed first in the American Waltz, third in the Free Dance and fifth in the Foxtrot.

This meant that Lauren finished third overall in the basic novice solo dance age requirement event, achieving personal best scores in all three of her dances.

IYSF wish to congratulate Lauren on these excellent achievements. A number of photos of Lauren at these competitions are linked below, alongside the others on this page.

1 Lauren Tough

2 Lauren Tough

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