Thursday 24 August

IYSF establishes new "Club Resource Fund"

IYSF are now welcoming applications from local sports clubs for a new funding grant from the Club Resource Fund. 

Eligible sports clubs must:

(a) be a not-for-profit organisation;
(b) have members who are mostly or exclusively young people;
(c) be open to all without discrimination; and
(d) be located in or around, within approximately 6 miles, Inverurie

The Fund - of 10 x £1,000 grants - is available for clubs looking to, for example, update equipment, fund transportation to and from competitions or afford facility costs. The usual restriction on Olympic or Paralympic recognised sports that IYSF operates does NOT apply to this fund.

Applications must be made using the application form available on our website. 

Only one successful application per calendar year will be permitted from a club. Where a club has numerous squads, only one application may be made from or on behalf of that club. Accordingly, if one squad applies and is successful, no other squad in that club can apply in that calendar year. In that case, the money will be paid into the club account and, accordingly, the applicant squad should notify the club committee.

Applying for a grant does not guarantee that the application will be successful. IYSF assesses applications on their merits. IYSF appreciates if as much information as possible is provided in the application.

If you have any questions, please contact admin@iysf.org.uk.

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